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  • Noodle


    NoodleNY4681-12Species: Harbor Porpoise – Phocoena phocoenaConservation Status: ThreatenedAge: JuvenileStranding Date: October 17, 2012Stranding Location: Adams Road in Brunswick MaineTransferred to the Riverhead...

  • Rocky


    Species: Grampus griseus, Risso's dolphinProtectedGender: MaleAge: Juvenile Stranding Date: July 31, 2004Stranding Location: Cape Henlopen State park, Delaware Atlantis OceanInitial Problem: Respiratory infection Status:...

  • Roxanne


    RoxanneNY4826-13Species: Risso’s Dolphin – Grampus griseusConservation Status: ThreatenedAge: AdultStranding Date: June 6, 2013Stranding Location: Atlantic Beach, NYInitial Problem: Stranded on a sand barStatus:...

  • Seabreeze


    Seabreeze ID: NY3726-07Species: Tursiops truncatus, Offshore Bottlenose DolphinProtectedGender: MaleAge: JuvenileStranding Date: July 21, 2007Stranding Location: Bellmore, NYInitial Problem: Underweight and gastric...

  • The 12 Seals of Christmas

    The 12 Seals of Christmas

    Adoptions make great, unique gifts! Get 12 different gift adoptions for 12 special people! Pick 12 animals, 12 names, and 12 greeting cards! One adoption package costs $35 - get this package for $300 for the holiday...

  • Titan


    Species: Phocoena Phocoena, Harbor Porpoise Status: ProtectedGender: MaleAge: JuvenileStranding Date: April 7, 2006Stranding Location: Fort Jetty, Jamesport, Rhode IslandInitial Problem: Respiratory infectionStatus:...