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The function of The New York State Marine Mammal and Sea Turtle Stranding Program is the rescue and rehabilitation of marine mammals and sea turtles. As a member of our adoption family you are helping provide food and medication for animals under our care. The whales in our program have been seen during our whale watch research cruises that we have conducted in the past. Adoptions are great gifts!

  • Rocky


    Species: Grampus griseus, Risso's dolphinProtectedGender: MaleAge: Juvenile Stranding Date: July 31, 2004Stranding Location: Cape Henlopen State park, Delaware Atlantis OceanInitial Problem: Respiratory infection Status:...

  • Roxanne


    RoxanneNY4826-13Species: Risso’s Dolphin – Grampus griseusConservation Status: ThreatenedAge: AdultStranding Date: June 6, 2013Stranding Location: Atlantic Beach, NYInitial Problem: Stranded on a sand barStatus:...

  • Scooter


    Species: Balaenoptera physalus, Fin WhaleEndangeredAge: Sub-adultSize Estimate: 40-55 feet in length Adoption Packages: $30 Adoption: Biographical story Animal fact sheet Two photographs of your animal Personalized...

  • Seabreeze


    Seabreeze ID: NY3726-07Species: Tursiops truncatus, Offshore Bottlenose DolphinProtectedGender: MaleAge: JuvenileStranding Date: July 21, 2007Stranding Location: Bellmore, NYInitial Problem: Underweight and gastric...

  • Spiderman


    Spiderman NY5226-15 Species: Harbor Seal (Phoca vitulina) Gender:Male Age: Yearling Stranding Date: March 22, 2015 Stranding Location: Quogue, NY Initial Problem: Entangled in balloon ribbon Rehabilitation...

  • Storm


    Storm NY5171-14 Species: Kemp’s ridley sea turtle (Lepidochelys kempii) Age: Juvenile Stranding Date: November 23, 2014 Stranding Location: Cedar Point County Park East Hampton, NY Initial Problem: Class II cold...

  • The Flash

    The Flash

    The Flash NY5209-15 Species: Harbor Seal (Phoca vitulina) Gender:Male Age: Yearling Stranding Date: February 22, 2015 Stranding Location: Long Beach, NY Initial Problem: dehydration and public...

  • Titan


    Species: Phocoena Phocoena, Harbor Porpoise Status: ProtectedGender: MaleAge: JuvenileStranding Date: April 7, 2006Stranding Location: Fort Jetty, Jamesport, Rhode IslandInitial Problem: Respiratory infectionStatus:...